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Abranet HD®  |  Abranet® Ace Discs  |   Abranet® Discs  |   Auto Net® Discs  |   Abranet™ Soft Mesh Discs  |  HG Aluminum Oxide Mesh Discs   

Mirka Abranet HD® Discs - HEAVY DUTY

MIRKA ABRANET HD® uses a patented nylon mesh backing to create a flexible and durable vacuum disc. HD Discs have excellent resistance to wear and clogging. Open mesh dissipates heat, providing a cooler work surface. Available in grits 40 through 120. Packed 25 per box.
Finer grits available in standard Abranet®.
Sale prices are listed in red.
Size & Description 120806040
5" ABRANET HD DISCS (Box of 25)
6" ABRANET HD DISCS (Box of 25)

Mirka Abranet® "ACE" Discs - CERAMIC

"ACE" is the newest member of the "Abranet" family combining the benefit of dust free sanding with the durability of ceramic grain. "Ace" costs about 10% more than the standard Abranet, but pays for itself on hard surfaces. Try ACE on hard woods (such as Beech, Rock Maple, Oak), Solid surfaces, and on primer and gel coats.
Sale prices are listed in red.
Size & Description 32022018015012080
5" Mirka Abranet "ACE" Discs
6" Mirka Abranet "ACE" Discs

Abranet® Discs
ABRANET® is a revolutionary product for vacuum-assisted sanding. Mirka Abranet® has all the virtures of Abranet HD®, but a lighter more flexible backing, at a lower price. Mirka's new, patented disc facilitates dust-free sanding, better quality sanding and longer disc life. The hook and loop backing and open abrasive mesh construction allows use with any 1 3/8", 2", 3", "5", "6" and 8" H&L sanding system and is available in grits 80 through 1000. Packed 10 or 50 per box.

See below for 32 hole back-up pads and pad protectors.
Size & Description 100080060040032024022018015012010080
1 3/8" ABRANET DISCS        

8" ABRANET DISCS - call for pricing and availability.

Abranet® Pads and Protectors
Size & Description Regular Price Price
5" 32-H BACKUP PAD H&L (Mirka 915MSGV)33.795" SALE
5" 28-H BACKUP PAD H&L (Mirka 915GV28-130G) WEIGHTED FOR 6" SANDER53.505" SALE
5" 28-H BACKUP PAD H&L (Mirka 915GV28)53.505"
6" 48-H BACKUP PAD H&L (Mirka 916GV48)54.506"
6" MIRKA Multi-Hole BACKUP PAD H&L (Mirka 906GV)62.006"
6" 32-H BACKUP PAD H&L (Mirka 916GV15)33.796" SALE

Auto Net® Discs - ECONOMY

Auto Net® Discs an economical alternative to Abranet® Discs. The lighter weight backing still provides most of the Abranet® advantages at a lower price. Sold in boxes of 50.
Sale prices are listed in red.
Description Grit Regular Price Sale Price
Auto Net® Discs 6" Diam80$40.00
Auto Net® Discs 6" Diam180$36.00
Auto Net® Discs 6" Diam320$36.00
Auto Net® Discs 6" Diam240$36.00
Auto Net® Discs 6" Diam800$36.00

Abranet™ Soft Mesh Discs - FOAM BACKING

ABRANET™ SOFT Mesh Discs are made from a patented abrasive screen surface laminated to a thin open cell foam H&L backing. They can be used with both 5" & 6" vacuum sanders and resist clogging. Abranet® Soft discs are used in automotive applications on primers, laquers, and top coats both wet or dry. They are also used for polishing composites and metal. Scissor sharpeners love this product. Also available in 2" & 3" diameters.

Size & Description 250015001000800500320
2" Abranet Soft Mesh Discs
3" Abranet Soft Mesh Discs 
5" Abranet Soft Mesh Discs   
6" Abranet Soft Mesh Discs 

Link to: Joest Foam Backed Discs

HG Aluminum Oxide Mesh Discs

HG Aluminum Oxide Mesh Discs with Hook and Loop backing last 3 to 5 times longer than paper discs. They fit all vacuum hole configurations and can be used wet or dry. Great on paint and lacquer, wood, plaster, and composites. Available in 5", 6" and 8" diameters.
Similar to Mirka Abranet®HD (Heavy Duty) but more economical.
EXAMPLE: (120 grit - 5"MirkaHD $20/25, 5"HG $25/50
                                       - 6"MirkaHD $24/25, 6"HG $30/50)

Sale prices are listed in red.
Size & Description 40032024018015012010080
5" HG Aluminum Oxide Mesh Discs
6" HG Aluminum Oxide Mesh Discs
8" HG Aluminum Oxide Mesh Discs

Additional Grits & Sizes of HG Aluminum Oxide Mesh Discs
Size & Description Grit Price
5" HG Aluminum Oxide Mesh Discs600
6" HG Aluminum Oxide Mesh Discs600
8" HG Aluminum Oxide Mesh Discs600

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